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Your way to our Düsseldorf based office
Your way to our Cologne based office

Our Düsseldorf office has existed for over 100 years.
It belongs to the best known and renowned law firms in Germany. There are currently 5 legal partners working in our chambers.


Our Cologne office has existed since the 1920s in the historical centre of Cologne. It has been managed by our partner, lawyer Dr. Dirk Bartels, since 1997.


We advise and represent a number of large and medium-sized businesses and discerning private clients both regionally and nationally.


Each of our legal partners has specialised in selected areas of law. We can therefore offer you first class, expert work and a wide range of services.
The style of our office is personal and individual. You are taken care of by the same legal partner throughout the whole mandate to whom you build up a personal trusting relationship. He also consults other specialised legal partners in our chambers where necessary.


We comprehensively deal with your issues with commitment: in extrajudicial advice and correspondence, in drawing up and negotiating contracts, and in representing you before courts and authorities.


We represent you legally: in civil and criminal cases with all German district, state and high regional courts, in criminal cases with the Federal Supreme Court, in employment law cases with all German labour and state labour courts and with the Federal Labour Court.