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We work together with your current advisors and specialists from other areas. If required, and requested by you, we can also consult external specialists from other areas at national or international level. Our chambers have an efficient network of tax advisors, auditors, notaries, business consultants, personnel advisors, banks and other financial service providers.

A proven cooperation exists with the tax advice and auditor company Mecklenburg + Hoffmann GmbH in Düsseldorf especially in the areas of company and contract law, business law, employment law and M & A.


Our office is a founding member of UNILEX. Unilex is an international cooperation of first class international legal firms in important European and overseas countries. In cooperation with these offices, we take care of our internationally operating clients with international issues. We are associated with the following among others:

- Morse, Zelnick, Rose & Lander - New York, USA
- S.C.M. Cabinet Taylor - Paris, France
- Gill Akaster - Plymouth, England
- Van Goethem - Antwerpen, Belgium
- Van Veen Advocaten - Ede, Netherlands
- Gally Abogados - Alicante, Spain
- Drzewiecki, Tomaszek & Partner - Warschau, Poland
- Herslov · Flod & Co. - Kopenhagen, Denmark
- Blehr & Co. Advokatfirma DA - Oslo, Norway
- Visagie Vos & Partners - Kapstadt, South Afrika